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Celebrities ... Love ‘em or hate ‘em ... See how much you know about them, with our celebrity quiz below.

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Celebrity Quiz

1. The original ‘Spice Girls’ line up consisted of Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary and who ?

2. What is the name of Ozzy Osbourne’s celebrity wife ?

3. Which artist claimed that in the future, everybody would be famous for fifteen minutes ?
Andy Warhol

4. In 1994, Michael Jackson became the son-in-law of which deceased pop star ?
Elvis Presley

5. By what name did Katie Price become famous ?

6. Who caused a stir in 2006, by adopting David Banda ? Madonna

7. What surname do Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz share ?

8. Who was the first African-American model to appear on the cover of ‘Sport’s Illustrated’s’ swimsuit edition ?

9. Which German supermodel played ‘Brumhilda’ in the 2004 film, ‘Ella Enchanted’ ?
Heidi Klum

10. Ventriloquist Nina Conti, is the daughter of which British actor ?
Tom Conti

11. Brothers Gary and Phil Neville have both represented England in which sport ?

12. Which Australian actress was born Catherine Elise Blanchett ?
Cate Blanchett

13. Which film star became Mayor of Carmel ?
Clint Eastwood

14. By what name is John Carter better known ?
Charlton Heston

15. Whom did both Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor marry ?
Eddie Fisher

16. Which tennis champion married John Lloyd ?
Chris Evert

17. Which character did Joan Collins play in Dynasty ?

18. Name the playwright husband of actress Maureen Lipman ?
John Rosenthal

19. Who played JFK in ‘Kennedy’ ?
Martin Sheen

20. Gordon Sumner is the real name of which pop star ?

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