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Free General Knowledge Quiz

1. How many members were there originally in the pop group ‘S Club 7’ ?

2. Which US president was known by the initials FDR ?

3. Inzumam-ul-Haq has captained which country in Test match cricket ?

4. The world’s first railway, carrying passengers on steam trains, ran between Stockton and which other north-east town ?

5. Which piece of embroidery, over seventy metres long, celebrates William The Conqueror’s invasion of England ?

6. In 1937, which award winning author wrote the fantasy novel ‘The Hobbit’ ?

7. Which composer wrote the American folk opera ‘Porgy & Bess’ ?

8. The group of islands known as the Hebrides, lie off the west coast of which country of the UK?

9. Ziggy Stardust is the alter ego of which British singer-songwriter ?

10. For which 1956 film were James Dean and Rock Hudson both nominated for the Best Actor Oscar ?

11. Which Derby winning racehorse was kidnapped in 1983 ?

12. In chess, which piece can only move diagonally ?

13. In which Turkish city is the Blue Mosque found ?

14. The children’s novel ‘Goodnight Mister Ton’ is set in Britain during which war ?

15. Which country and Western singer played Truvy Jones in the 1989 tearjerker, ‘Steel Magnolias’ ?

16. The Coral Sea is part of which ocean ?

17. Complete the title of the famous hymn, Onward, Christian ...’ what ?

18. Which male first name is shared by the actors Swayze, Stewart and McGoohan ?

19. In human anatomy, above which organ is the adrenal gland located ?

20. Which pop artist designed the famous ‘banana’ cover for the 1967 album ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ ?

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1. In 1998, Mikka Hakkinen was World Champion in which motor sport ?
2. In 1975, which British silent film legend received a knighthood in his eighties ?
3. Which children’s animated TV character lived ‘in the top left-hand corner of Wales’ ?
4. Orvieto is a light white wine from which country ?
5. Which famous British music festival did Michael Eavis establish ?
6. Which collective name is given to the gaseous elements helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon ?
7. Which sigh of the zodiac is also known as ‘the virgin’ ?
8. Which American composer’s film soundtrack have included ‘Candyman’, ‘The Hours’ and ‘The Truman Show’ ?
9. What does the Scottish Gaelic word ‘loch’ mean ?
10. Which Jamaican reggae singer was born Orville Richard Burrell in 1968 ?
11. Which classic 1970’s sitcom featured a hard-nosed warder called Mr Mackay ?
12. In British history, how many kings have been called Henry ?
13. From which bird is the name of the American, Colonel Sanders, most closely associated ?
14. In the world of Transport, what do the letters HGV stand for ?
15. Which German general of the Second World War was known as the ‘Desert Fox’ ?
16. Kelly Rowland is a singer in which chart-topping US girl group ?
17. Which dance style, involved jumping up and down on the spot, was popular with 1970’s punk rock fans ?
18. What name is given to the clarified butter used in Indian cooking ?
19. The bird sometimes known as the Yaffle, is usually called the Green ... what ?
20. On TV’s ‘The Apprentice’ which two words does Sir Alan Sugar use to dismiss losing hopefuls ?
21. In 2003, which TV star published a book entitled ‘I Don’t mean to be rude, but ...’ ?
22. Which veteran US singer-songwriter had hits with ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ and ‘Perfect Day’ ?
23. Barley wine is a very strong type of which alcoholic drink ?
24. In the 1968 horror film, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, which American actress had her first leading role as Rosemary Woodhouse ?
25. With nine victories, which jockey holds the record for most wins in the Epsom Derby ?
26. What is the first name of Prince William’s younger brother ?
27. What name, meaning ‘cherry’ in Germany, is given to the clear distilled liqueur that is often added to fondues ?
28. To ignore or snub snub someone, is to ‘give them the cold ...’ what ?
29. Which Monty Python stage musical is based on the tale of King Arthur and his Knights’ quest for the Holy Grail ?
30. The famous Bodlian Library is the main research library of which university ?
31. Lisa Left Eye Lopes was a member of which US girl group ?
32. Which Grand Slam tennis championship is played at flushing meadows ?
33. Originally distilled in Kentucky, ‘bourbon’ is a name given to a type of which alcoholic spirit ?
34. Raspberry ripple, mint choc chip and rum & raisin are traditional flavours of which frozen dessert ?
35. In Formula 1, which famous motor racing circuit stages the United States Grand Prix ?
36. What name is given to a male alligator ?
37. Balsamic vinegar comes from which European country ?
38. Which 2006 road trip comedy film featured a family taking their daughter to a beauty pageant in their VW bus ?
39. Which comic-book hero did George Reeves play in the 1950’s on TV ?
40. Which army marching tune was used in the film ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ ?
41. Ben Elton wrote the lyrics for which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ?
42. What name is given to the rich, coarse, typically green, felt-like woollen material used to cover a snooker table ?
43. Chekov, Uhura and McCoy were characters in which TV sci-fi show ?
44. The town of Calais is located in which European country ?
45. Which London band had UK chart hits in the late 1970’s with ‘Cool For Cats’ and ‘Up The Junction’ ?
46. How many centimetres are there in one metre ?
47. Who was Oliver Hardy’s on-screen comic partner ?
48. Kim Campbell became the first female prime minister of which country in 1993 ?
49. After which port city in southern France is the French national anthem named ?
50. Which US city, the capital of Tennessee, is regarded as the centre of the country music industry ?

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Free Feneral Knowledge Quiz

1. Name Newton's three laws of motion ?

1. Any object will remain ina state of rest or continue at a uniform velocity unless acted on by an external force
2. The rate of change of momentum of a body is equal to the force impressed upon it and in the same direction
3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

2. Name the three sons of Adam & Eve ?

1. Cain
2. Abel
3. Seth

3. Name the four London stations that are found on the standard Monopoly board ?

1. Kings Cross
2. Marlebone
3. Fenchurch Street
4. Liverpool Street

4. Name the four main characters in 'The Good Life' ?

1. Tom Good (Richard Briers)
2. Barbara Good (Felicity Kendal)
3. Margo Leadbetter (Penelope Keith)
4. Jerry Leadbetter (Paul Eddington)

5. Name the four Teletubbies ?

1. Tinky Winky
2. Dipsy
3. LaLa
4. Po

6. Name the four US states that begin with the letter 'I' ?

1. Iowa
2. Indiana
3. Idaho
4. Illinois

7. Name the four ghosts in the game of Pac-Man ?

1. Inky
2. Pinky
3. Blinky
4. Clyde

8. Name the four bones found in the human leg (Excluding bones in the foot) ?

1. Femur
2. Tibia
3. Fibula
4. Patella

9. Name the four houses at Hogwarts, in the Harry Potter stories ?

1. Gryffindor
2. Ravenclaw
3. Hufflepuff
4. Slytherin

10. Name the four American Presidents honoured at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial ?

1. George Washington
2. Thomas Jefferson
3. Abraham Lincoln
4. Theodore Roosevelt

Free Aug-2009-01 General Knowledge Quiz

1. In which Dickens novel does the 'ever so 'umble' clerk Uriah Heep appear ?

2. Which Hollywood actress did Freddie Prinze Junior marry in 2002 ?

3. 'Take It Like A Man' was the title of the 1995 autobiography of which 1980's pop singer ?

4. Which Jacobean playwright's works include 'The White Devil' and 'The Duchess of Malfi' ?

5. In 1984, which British theatre legend married singer Sarah Brightman ?

6. The english singer Phil Oakey was the lead singer of which 1980's synth pop band ?

7. The artist Vincent Van Gogh was born in which country ?

8. In the 1962 film 'Lawrence of Arabia' which Egyptian-born actor played the character Sherif Ali ?

9. In Edmond Rostand's play 'Cyrano de Bergerac', what is Cyrano's distinguishing physical feature ?

10. Which small, soft sweet is shaped like a baby ?

11. Skiiers Maria Walliser and Vreni Schneider represented which country at the Olympics ?

12. Which religious leader uses the ancient title 'Pontifex Maximus' ?

13. Since 1997, Johnny Wilkinson has played rugby for which UK club ?

14. Which Welsh pop star sang the soaring vocals on the soundtrack to the 2001 film 'A Beautiful Mind' ?

15. 'Football My Arse!' and 'Celebrities My Arse!' are books written by which actor, star of 'The Royle Family' ?

16. The cities of Manchester & Salford are encircled by which motorway ?

17. In 1954, which US singer and actor had a UK hit with the song 'That's Amore' ?

18. What is the British name for the board game, that is known as checkers in the US ?

19. In the Tom & Jerry cartoons, what type of animal was 'Spike' ?

20. Which Norweigan composer wrote incidental music for Ibsen's play 'Peer Gynt' ?

Tie: Hong Kong was taken by the British in which year ?

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Free Sept-09-001 General Knowledge Quiz

1. British band, The Feeling's bass guitarist Richard Jones is married to which UK pop princess ?

2. The character Miss Hannigan runs an orphanage in which hit Broadway musical ?

3. Which sailor character features in one of the stories of the Arabian Nights ?

4. In 1989, who was chancellor of West Germany when the Berlin Wall came down ?

5. With which sport is Goran Ivanisevic most closely associated ?

6. Which ex-pub singer turned opera star's first album 'The Voice' was released in 2000 ?

7. How many ancient wonders of the world are there ?

8. In the sporting world, what does the abbreviation FA stand for ?

9. Which tree produces the seed from which chocolate is made ?

10. The classic horse race, the Derby is run at which English racecourse ?

11. The medieval heraldic symbol, depicting a lily or iris, was adopted by the kings of France ?

12. Fusilli is a spiral-shaped variety of which food product ?

13. Toronto and Vancouver are cities located in which country ?

14. Which British government department is sometimes known by the abbreviation FCO ?

15. From which South American country did Paddington Bear come from ?

16. In 1964, which French philosopher declined the Nobel Prize for Literature ?

17. Hampton Court Palace was given to Henry VIII by which English cardinal ?

18. What name is given to the traditional Venetian one-oared, flat-bottomed boat mainly used by tourists ?

19. St Apollonia is the patron saint of people suffering from what painful complaint ?

20. In 2001, Belgian doctor Jacques Rogge was elected president of which international sports organization ?

Tie: In which year did Papua New Guinea become independent of Australia ?

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