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So you think you know your movies ? You can test your movie quiz (a little further down the page) knowledge with our 20 question and answer movies quiz ...

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Movie Quiz

1. Which US comic star ‘Gary’ featured in the 1990’s Doctor Doolittle ?

2. Which country links ‘Town’ & ‘Syndrome’ in movie titles ?

3. Which Debbie starred in the classic musical movie ‘Singin’ In The Rain’?

4. Which ‘Mike’ starred in Wayne’s World ?

5. ‘Shine’ was about a musician playing which instrument ?

6. ‘There’s Something About Mary’ featured which ‘Cameron’ ?

7. Which actor links ‘Jurassic Park’ & ‘Coming To America’ ?
Samuel L Jackson

8. In ‘Some Like It Hot’ what disguise do ‘Curtis’ & ‘Lemmon’ adopt ?
Dressed In Drag

9. Which actress featured on the cinema poster for ‘Titanic’ ?
Kate Winslet

10. Which ‘Kevin’ featured in ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ ?

11. In which 1980 movie did ‘Robert De Niro’, play a boxer ?
Raging Bull

12. What did George C Scott refuse to do about his Oscar for ‘Patton’ ?
(Refused To) Accept

13. The song ‘A Whole New World’ comes from which animated movie ?

14. What did John Wayne wear on his face in ‘True Grit’ ?

15. Which ‘Kevin’ won Best Director for ‘Dances With Wolves’ ?

16. Which direction, completes the following film title: ‘Once Upon A Time In The _________’?

17. How many times did Greta Garbo marry ?

18. Which ‘Nick’ won an Oscar for ‘The Wrong Trousers’ ?

19. Which Bo Derek film had a number, as the title ?

20. Which Mr Jones was a character in ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ ?
Indiana Jones

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