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Chemical Elements
- List of chemicals, their atomic number and chemical symbol of the periodic table

Science Quiz

1. Diamonds are a form of which chemical element ?

2. Which space shuttle exploded on its launch in 1986 ?

3. With which invention is John Logie Baird associated ?

4. What is the first element in the periodic table ?

5. Which British scientist formulated the three laws of motion, published in a work known as the Principia ?
Isaac Newton

6. Which two planets would you find asteroid belt ?
Mars & Jupiter

7. Which two elements make up water ?
Hydrogen & Oxygen

8. What is the largest body in the solar system ?
The Sun

9. Which word did US mathematician Edward Kasner introduce for the number made up of one followed by a hundred zeroes ?

10. In mathematics, Pythagoras's theorem relates to the sides of which right angled figure ?

11. In Roman numerals, which letter is used to represent one hundred ?

12. In taxation terms, the word 'tithe' indicates what fraction of income ?

13. Which metal is the best conductor of electricity ?

14. Which Russian scientist developed conditioned reflexes in dogs that were trained to salivate on hearing a bell ?
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

15. What is deoxyribonucleric acid, better known as ?

16. On a weather map, what name is given to a line that shown areas with equal atmospheric pressure ?

17. What quantity is represented by the mathematical symbol that appears to be a figure eight on its side ?

18. In imperial measurements, how many pints make up a quart ?

19. Which type of wispy or feathery high cloud, derives its name from the latin for 'curl' ?

20. The group of seven stars that form the 'Plough' are in which constellation ?
Ursa major

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