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Big Brother Contestants (UK) - List of contestants and celebrity contestants, who have appeared on the UK version of Big Brother.

Doctor Who Actors - This is a list of past and present doctor who actors.

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1. Which show had the cathcphrase 'Suits You Sir' ?
The Fast Show

2. Where is 'Sex & The City' set ?

3. Which delivery man had a cat named Jess ?
Postman Pat

4. Who introduced 'Shooting Stars' along with Vic Reeves ?
Bob Mortimer

5. Which character committed suicide at the beginning of 'Desperate Housewives' ?
Mary Alice Youngs

6. In which country was the short lived 'Eldorado' set ?

7. Which Renault advertising character frequently found her father in compromising situations ?

8. What race is Dr Spock from Star Trek ?

9. News at Ten was a long-running programme on which UK channel ?

10. Which cop show featured Frank Furillo ?
Hill Street Blues

11. Who could you phone on the game show, 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ?
A Friend

12. Which Mary played Laura in 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' ?
Mary Tyler Moore

13. Which character did Joan Collins play in Dynasty - Alexis, Crystal or Sparkler ?

14. Who is Bart Simpson's older sister ?

15. Which British soap star recorded 'Anyone Can Fall In Love' ?
Anita Dobson

16. What was the name of the 'Teenage Witch' ?

17. Which sitcom couple had Pippa and Patrick as next door neighbours ?
The Meldrews (One Foot In The Grave)

18. Which UK soap featured a map of Chester in it's opening credits ?

19. What was Grace's last name in 'Will & Grace' ?

20. What type of driver was Don Brennan in 'Coronation Street' ?
Taxi Driver

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