US State Capitals
List of US States and capitals

US State Capitals ... ‘What is the capital of the US State ‘Maine’ ? (see answer below) are questions that quite often appear in quizzes, so the following complete list of 50 US States and their capitals, could be one worth memorising !

US State / Capital City

Alabama / Montgomery
Alaska / Juneau (Largest State)
Arizona / Phoenix
Arkansas / Little Rock
California / Sacramento (Most Populated State)
Colorado / Denver
Connecticut / Hartford
Delaware / Dover
Florida / Tallahassee
Georgia / Atlanta
Hawaii / Honolulu
Idaho / Boise
Illinois / Springfield
Indiana / Indianapolis
Iowa / Des Moines
Kansas / Topeka
Kentucky / Frankfort
Louisiana / Baton Rouge
Maine / Augusta
Maryland / Annapolis
Massachusetts / Boston
Michigan / Lansing
Minnesota / Saint Paul
Mississippi / Jackson
Missouri / Jefferson City
Montana / Helena
Nebraska / Lincoln
Nevada / Carson City
New Hampshire / Concord
New Jersey / Trenton
New Mexico / Santa Fe
New York / Albany
North Carolina / Raleigh
North Dakota / Bismarck
Ohio / Columbus
Oklahoma / Oklahoma City
Oregon / Salem
Pennsylvania / Harrisburg
Rhode Island / Providence (Smallest State)
South Carolina / Columbia
South Dakota / Pierre
Tennessee / Nashville
Texas / Austin
Utah / Salt Lake City
Vermont / Montpelier
Virginia / Richmond
Washington / Olympia
West Virginia / Charleston
Wisconsin / Madison
Wyoming Cheyenne / (Least Populated State)

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Do You Know What The Stars On The American Flag Mean ? ...

The white stars on the blue background of the American flag, symbolizes each of the individual states of America.

There is one star for each of the states in the union. Currently, there are 50 stars, for the fifty states.

Whenever a new state joins, a new star is added to the flag on the following 4th of July.

The last time that this happened was on 4th July 1960; When Hawaii become a state in the latter part of 1959.

There are 13 stripes on the American flag, for the 13 original colonies.

The white on the flag signifies purity and innocence. The red, for hardiness and courage, and the blue for perseverance and determination.

When you weave them together, you get the American Flag, the symbol for equality and freedom.

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